Andrew Warren, fashion designer, New York socialite, and proud member of scion-posse, 'The Snap Pack,' took to Instagram and Facebook to write a lengthy post of defense over his best friend, Tiffany Trump.

Warren kept it pretty non-political, as he reminded the world that Trump's youngest daughter is still human, and that the hatred and life-threatening comments directed her way are unwarranted.

To start off imagine going on Facebook and seeing everyone you thought was your friend hating on you and saying they want to murder your family. It's fine that everyone has their stance and posting it is fine - but reposting things like killing Tiffany's entire family (including her) isn't.

Tiffany is not responsible for her father's heinous, violent vitriol, or the increasingly terrifying White House administration he's amassing, and has done nothing beyond showing up to honor her familial duty--and honestly, much less than her older siblings, who've loudly and aggressively promoted Trump's policies and political aptitude.

While Mr. Warren--who has a noted history of online bullying--is hardly the luminary I need to hear from right now, his point is valid.

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