Introducing Our Fandemonium Issue Cover Stars!

Introducing Our Fandemonium Issue Cover Stars!

Paris, Lucy, Neville and Chloe!

Drew Elliott

We can't believe it's been a year since our Break The Internet issue. Though Kim Kardashian and PAPER are most connected with the web-melting, culture-shaping magic that was that issue, we think it was the fans who deserve the kudos. They took to their social media channels, created memes, and spread the story like wildfire. They made it their story.

To show our appreciation, we decided to devote this year's Break The Internet issue to the fans, so allow us to welcome you to Fandemonium. We gathered our editorial team, removed all boundaries and asked the question: what would make fans go nuts?

Let's start with having four covers: Paris Hilton, Lucy Hale, Chloë Sevigny and Neville Jacobs, Marc Jacobs' pooch. These ladies and gentleman went there. Paris was shot for the first time with slicked hair in avant-garde fashion, Lucy went to the dark place, Chloë recreated Carrie and allowed us to dump a bucket of blood on her just before she headed to the airport and Neville took time out of his napping schedule to put on his Sunday's finest for us. You are in for a treat.

It gets better and better with our inside features, which we'll be launching online the next few weeks. Lucky Blue Smith allowed us to wake up with him one morning, Amber Rose showed us her feminist side, Gigi Gorgeous got a romance novel makeover, we visited insta star Pumpkin the Raccoon at home, Baddie Winkle put on bonnets, Austin Mahone actually put on clothes, Rick Ross and Lira Galore went preppy and John Stamos even got his ass out.

We'll be launching the incredible inside images from our cover stories later today. Check back daily over the next few weeks as we release pieces from this issue and get ready to lose your minds all over again.

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