Fabulously Deranged: Dinah East On DVD!

Amazingly available on DVD now is Dinah East (Kit Parker Films), a 1970 film about a famous 50s female movie star who dies and, when stripped down by a horny mortician, is discovered to be a man. Directed by Gene Nash the movie is a set of flashbacks by the various people in Dinah's life reacting to the news of her/his death. From the fabulous lesbian costume designer Daniela (played by Andy Warhol superstar Ultra Violet) to closeted gay actor Tony Locke (Ray Foster) who once dated her, characters include her business manager Alan Sloan (Andy Davis), her adopted son Jeff (Reid Smith) who exclaims: "I don't care what she was -- I loved her!"  and her secret lover -- former-boxer-turned-personal-chauffeur Tank Swenson (Matt Bennett). It's a drag queen Citizen Kane, only with a cheater instead of a sled. Dinah, played by Jeremy Stockwell, is not all that convincing as a woman, which is half the fun. That, mixed with the lots of frontal male nudity thrown in, a hilarious Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head-like musical interlude with Dinah and Tank frolicking on bicycles, and a scene in a gay bar with stark naked men frugging in suspended cages make for a fabulously deranged 90 minutes.

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