Fabian, on His Way to L.A. to Compete in a Game Show, Chills with Diana Ross in the Admirals Lounge at JFK

Fabian Basabe

Dear readers... I owe you a write up on the DHL-sponsored Zac Posen event which had a great turnout and benefits a great cause, Teacher's Count... bear with me as I am currently at the Admirals Club at JFK waiting to board a flight to L.A. Oh yeah... I forgot to mention... I am competing to win a million dollars on a game show this weekend! In the spirit of the generous charitable efforts this Fashion Week, I hope I win so I can put it to good use helping people. Will keep you posted! Wish me luck!

[one hour later]

I am still in the Admiral's Club as my flight was cancelled due to a mechanical problem... which I just learned is code for "we had too many empty seats and need to combine flights." I am so mad!!!! Like CBS couldn't send a plane for me!!!!

Anyway, I am hanging with Diana Ross in the lounge who is also on my flight so that's pretty cool! I almost did not recognize her but she looks amazing! And so nice... she is talking to everyone.... we have at least two more hours, so why not!

Okay I won't keep you just because I am bored out of my mind!!!

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