Fabian Basabe's Frustrated in L.A.: "I Was Asked to Wait in a Tiny Room Overlooking a Dumpster with Stained Sofas and no Flat Screen TV!"

Fabian Basabe

Let me start off by saying, what the f*$k! I am called away from Fashion Week, take a flight that was delayed three hours, sequestered from civilization, held up in a Marriot in Burbank while my friends are flying to Vegas for the VMAs literally across the street (yes my hotel was in front of an airport) and for what????

So let me begin. After reading over a ginourmous stack of paper -- my contract -- clearing it with my agent at Don Buchwald, disturbing my attorney and family friend on a weekend to sign off, I accept an invitation to be a contestant on a game show called Do You Trust Me on CBS hosted by Tucker Carlson. I sat patiently all day at the cement pond they called a pool waiting for my call time today, did a long phone interview and basically was a good sport and did not complain about anything.

I was finally given a call time and a driver picked me up to drive me to Studio City. I was greeted and asked to wait in a tiny room overlooking a dumpster with stained sofas and no flat screen TV! Hours later I was sent to hair and makeup, briefed, did a wardrobe check and put back in my room to learn they went over budget and time and were being kicked off set at 10 p.m... Yes I was still there at 10 p.m.!!!

A producer had the audacity to offer 500 dollars for my time!

OK, I am done venting... but I guess this is show biz! Something I have to get used to once I move to LA. Basically, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait! And sometimes with no result! Oh well, at least it is sunny!

Check in this week for more Fashion Week coverage, because I am coming home!

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