Fabian Basabe's Epic Evening

Fabian Basabe

Let me start off by saying I was nursing an epic hangover all day!! EPIC.

So, after the ADAM show yesterday I went to the "Artrageous" party hosted by Vanity Fair at Bloomingdales. it was an amazing set-up and for a fantastic cause. If I were as talented and artist as some of those whose works were being auctioned, I would paint you a picture, but I just cannot. Think fun, bright lights, beautiful models in balloon fashions, art installations and pretty people. So that's all I needed, but I loved seeing Chris Benz (more on him next week), VF's Darryl Brantley and Bob Collacello.

OK, let’s take a second and talk about this New York City taxi strike!!! I paid 40 dollars to go ten blocks!! Something about crossing zones... what is this, DC? When I was there last for the Presidential Inauguration, I learned the hard way that you can literally take a 30 minute cab ride for six dollars if you stay in one zone, but if you take a cab two blocks and happen to cross a zone it will cost you 27 dollars!!

I miss my Hummer... cabs are bullsh*#t!

So I went home to take a cold shower because I am so over this humidity... got dressed and ready to make the rounds...

My first stop was at the MoMA for the Tommy Hilfiger event in support of UNICEF. I love that so many designers are pairing with charitable and relief organizations this year. While the craze and hype is not as insane as other years, I find there is more quality this fall. I ran into friends Peter Toumbekis and Cuba Gooding Jr. who invited me to the rooftop of the Gramercy for the In Style party. I dragged Amanda Hearst and her friend Dalia who is visiting from L.A. to join us.

The party was amazing... nothing crazy, just a good room and good people. And then she walked in. I am such a fan and I totally dorked out and told my friends about it. GWEN STEFANI -- there, I said it! Also in attendance were supermodels Karolina Kourkova and Natalie Lion. Then it got crazy... Cuba wanted to go to Room Service, so we piled in the cars and drove two blocks! I honestly had no idea it was so close. Cuba was a huge hit and then Kanye West joined us... you have no idea the mob scene that surrounded our private room.

And yes, there is more... after finishing a magnum bottle of Grey Goose and a bottle of Patrón Silver (my drink of choice), we wanted more fun!

Next stop, Tenjune, which I think it is the most exciting club in New York right now! The room is perfect and the owners Mark and Eugene are such a great team. The place is drama free, the music is rock and eighties and the crowd is young, sexy and promiscuous. We joined the owners' table with Lance Bass, Andy Roddick and I cannot even remember how many other celebs and models were there... at some point we were jumping all over the furniture and doing shots, and before I got in too much trouble... I went home.

It took me all day to write these few lines because my memory and senses are just coming back to me... I never thought I would say these words, but I am not going out tonight!

Anyway, before I say goodnight, I thought I’d invent a new game:

WHO: A blonde woman to a blonde man

WHERE: Gramercy Park rooftop for the In Style party

WHEN: Late, very late

LINE: "If you don't have herpes it means you have not had enough sex yet."

MY REACTION: I walked away.

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