Fabian Basabe: "This Certainly Would Be the Most Expensive Piss I NEVER Took!"

Fabian Basabe

As you may know, PAPERMAG blogger/"Leaky Club Kid" Fabian Basabe was arrested a few weeks ago and an item ran in Page Six. We asked Fabian what went down, and here’s his response.

Dear Readers,

Below is my official statement regarding my arrest. I sent this to Paula at Page Six as well although she gave me no reason to believe they will make a retraction. I thought you would find it both interesting and disturbing. Gossip columns lack so much integrity today. They would rather be first instead of being right.

I would like to address and correct the item regarding me, posted on Page Six on Thursday May 9, 2008. Around 11 p.m. I was on my way to Crown Bar in West Hollywood. I was in Brittny Gastineau's car, and she was driving. It was just the two of us. Two blocks or so from the bar, NOT in front of it, she pulled over and I got out of the car, and walked into an alley to look for parking. While I was looking for a parking spot for her, I was approached by a cop who thought I was about to take a pee. I was NOT peeing against a wall, and most importantly, I did NOT have my pants down at any time. Because the cop thought I was going to pee, he asked me for my license and, once he ran it, four warrants from 1999 and 2000, NOT just one as it was stated, came up, so the cop arrested me on account of dated bench warrants. I was able to speak to my lawyer, Vahe Jordan, provided by Mark Heller, only the next afternoon. In this lapse of time, wrong information had been released to the press, information which led to the wrongfulness of the item.

To double check the accuracy of this statement, please feel free to track my police record on Internet, and you will be able to find the exact location of my arrest and the exact reason why I was brought in. There is no fine for public urination. Public urination in California falls under indecent exposure, a much more serious crime, which is why Mr. Heller, in an attempt to help me with the press, used a medical excuse of a condition I frankly don't have. Furthermore I was not aware of these outstanding warrants and am most urgently resolving all legal matters in Los Angeles. I was released on a 75K bail, and, to add further insult to injury, I later learned my credit card was charged $93,500 to facilitate my release, and this does not include legal fees. This certainly would be the most expensive piss I NEVER took! As for people claiming to speak for me or about me, I am hurt and disappointed in their lack of intelligence and discretion.

My friend wrote Page Six to confirm the facts of the incident.... big surprise, no action was taken by the New York Post:

"I would like to address and correct the item regarding Fabian Basabe posted on
Page 6 on Thursday, May 9, 2008 as I was the only person with him during that
part of the evening since we were parking two blocks away from the Crown Room. Fabian in no way exposed or relieved himself and while being detained for outstanding warrants he was surprisingly courteous and respectful to the officer making the arrest. It is unfortunate that his past behavior continues to hold such a strong and negative pre-judgment in the gossip media. I know him as a good and decent person and loyal friend, currently living in Los Angeles and
with a strong focus on his career. It's too bad other's do not know him better.

Brittny Gastineau”

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