Fabian Basabe Interviews... um... Ann Coulter!

Fabian Basabe

Hello my little fashion junkies. If you've been following my adventures throughout this most recent and fabulous Fashion Week, you saw us talk the talk and walk the walk (while having our photograph taken no less) with the usual suspects. That is why this installment of my blog is oh so much more interesting. Today we are speaking with a Lioness among the Elephants, the reigning goddess of the Republican Party, Ann Coulter! You might wonder why, but do a Google image search; this woman knows how to look good and does it effortlessly. She has been kind enough to take some time out of her busy day to answer a few questions about fashion and politics.

Fabian Basabe: Having lived in New York, have you ever attended Fashion Week in New York?
Ann Coulter: No, though I'd like to just be at a cocktail party where I could talk to people eye to eye.

FB: We have both had our troubles with The New York Observer. They called you "the Republican Michael Moore", and "Rush Limbaugh in a miniskirt.” Don't you think your legs are much better than Rush or Moore's?
AC: Don't knock Rush Limbaugh's legs -- they're better than Hillary's.

FB: Time magazine took an unflattering cover shot of you with a fish eye lens. Which fashion photographer would you most like to shoot your next Time cover and in what setting?
AC: SHONNA VALESKA! She shot the cover photo on my next book. (If Democrats Had any Brains, They'd Be Republicans -- in bookstores Oct 2.) Shonna also shot the best photo ever taken of me for… Time magazine. Time didn't use that photo, instead choosing one of me mid-blink. (The photo editors are either blind or there's some sort of ideological agenda at work. I can't decide.) It is now available in poster size from Young America's Foundation.

FB: You frequently appear in short skirts. Whose skirts do you like this season?
AC: Hmmm, I'm not sure. What's John Edwards wearing? We seem to wear the same panties.

FB: A video of John Edwards fixing his hair appeared on Youtube. Who takes longer to do their hair -- you or John? Who has a better colorist?
AC: Speak of the devil! I do. It must be difficult to concentrate when you have to worry about being sued by the client.

FB: Sexual harassment is a big issue in certain industries such as politics and the modeling business. Do you think people who trade sexual favors really get ahead?
AC: It seems to have worked for Hillary.

FB: You are a brilliant self made and accomplished woman. Would you ever date a model?
AC: Is the model a Republican?

FB: Which is the Bigger Disaster... a) Britney Spears at the VMAs... b) The New York Times.
AC: At least there's hope for Britney.

FB: I once heard from a model that Bush ruined the modeling industry. How would you respond to him? By the way, this was from a male model who did a big ad campaign two years in a row and has been out of work for some time now and rumored to be selling his body in Brooklyn.
AC: That Karl Rove is something, isn't he?

FB: And last but not least... do you love that there is an Ann Coulter Barbie doll?
AC: YES! And her skirt is "actual size."

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