Fabian Basabe Does Burbank

Fabian Basabe

Greetings from the Valley!

So I was put up at a hotel in Burbank! People in the Valley are just different -- take for example the genius who designed the layout of this hotel and put the pool on the wrong side of the building, so basically I sat on a plastic lounge chair and looked at a wall with zero sun! This lasted about thirty seconds! LA is all about the fresh burn... so I made a decision that I could not suffer anymore and headed to the Beverly Hills Hotel and met Dori Cooperman for lunch with some friends and sat by the poolside in a civilized setting.

I mean honestly, who goes to LA and stays in Burbank!?

Back to Fashion Week... a great event that I hope you all were aware of was the DHL sponsored rooftop party at in Bryant Park hosted by Zac Posen to benefit TeachersCount, a national non-profit that supports the teaching profession. The centerpiece of the exclusive global partnership is the "Tote for Teachers" campaign.

I think we can all agree that good teachers are invaluable to our society and should get way more recognition, respect and funding. If you can find the time, go online to www.toteforteachers.org and buy a bag, 100% of the proceeds will go to TeachersCount.

While I was still recovering from the previous night, It was good to see Annie Churchill, Maggie Betts and Allison Aston... always gracious and eager to support a cause.

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