Prolific MC F. Virtue is back with "Larynx," a personal track about his own insecurities, but also the power of voice because "nothing speaks louder than the truth." Featuring cuts by DMC DJ Champion DJ Brace, the #emorap track packs a punch for only containing a simple synthline and a slightly discouraged, somewhat doubtful F. Virtue.

But even as he wonders if he should just "ghost his own songs," he realizes the only thing he believes in is music. Gaining confidence throughout the track, rapping "don't put my voice in a box, even if the tune is damaged." But this boldness is waning, like the art of the people who try to copy him ("when your fashions fade away, our style goes on living.") Eventually, he settles on the refrain "If I could sing, I would be bigger than Adele."

Listen to the contemplative track below and go sing your heart out to Adele in the shower.

photo by Ariele Max

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