For those of you in the know, we're premiering a track the last Thursday of every month by rising NYC rapper F. Virtue aka Will Kowall. For March's installment, we're proud to present "Catch Me If You Can," which is definitely one of the best displays of Kowall's introspective lyricism (#emorap) to date.

The result of Fallennwall's abrasive production interwoven with Kowall's brusque delivery,"Catch Me If You Can" is a gem defined by its juxtaposition to Infinite Coles's incredibly smooth guest spot and the lyrics's spiritual leanings. Containing all the trappings of a disorientingly dope track, it's appropriately laid atop a dizzying synthline that flirts with an acrid undertone and has him rising above the petty, all whilst name-checking NYC underground staples from J-Cush to Doom Dab. Listen to it in full below.

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