F. Virtue has quite the eye -- and he proves his aesthetic prowess once again with the hypnotizing video for his vogue-drenched single "As of Forever."

Featuring an absolutely enrapturing performance by London-based artist IMMA/MESS, the song itself is a daunting ode to persistence that sees F. Virtue rapping "We put in the work, doesn't mean it'll work. Started at the bottom, now we're under the dirt. This is so deep, deep beneath the earth. This is dance music sung for the worms" atop beats that pay ample homage to ballroom classic, "The Ha Dance." 

Directed by Georgia Hudson, what makes these visuals even more incredible is the fact that it was all done in one take -- though you wouldn't be able to tell judging by how seamless it is. Or maybe that's just because we're completely hypnotized. Prepare to get sucked in.

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