By now, you're most likely struggling to get the chorus from Beyonce's bouncy, melancholic track 'Hold Up' out of your Lemonade-soaked brain; the now legendary spin on the chorus of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' classic lovelorn anthem 'Maps'.

via BFA

"Hold up...they don't love you like I love you."

It was soon learned that Vampire Weekend's frontman Ezra Koenig was listed as a writing credit on the Diplo-produced track, which, as bizarre as it seemed, made perfect sense.

The musician has taken to Twitter to clarify how the hell this blessed merging came to be:

Here's the tweet in question:

Well, shit!

You never know what 5-year-old tweet could be used for potential glory...

Here's one of mine from 2011:

On second thought...I think that sentiment only applies when you're Ezra Koenig.

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