Eye/LOEWE/Nature debuted last year as a permanent extension to Loewe's men's ready-to-wear collections under creative director Jonathan Anderson.

Now in its fourth season, the adventure-ready line is positioned as a wardrobe for nature-loving guys who care about sustainability. The latest collection of outdoors-y staples is a continuation of this ethos with a focus on upcycled materials.

"I love the idea of repurposing something that already has a life: it reminds me of the transformative power of creativity," Anderson said. "Using existing sources also gives unicity to each piece, which is a very warm trait, akin to my proclivity for craft."

For Fall 2020, Eye/LOEWE/Nature's main inspirations come directly from its repurposed materials. Each cargo pant, trouser, patch-pocket shirt and parka is in a palette of tans and greens, resulting from Anderson's use of numerous camouflage military jackets and tents — and establishing that no one garment is the same.

He also incorporates his hallmarks from Loewe and his namesake brand like color-blocked knits, patchworks and psychedelic prints. On the accessories front, the line includes a convertible bag and fleece tote, each with a special panel for Anderson's whimsical keychains — or, more practically, for the great outdoors.

Functionality, of course, is also key for Eye/LOEWE/Nature. For true nature lovers, there's caps, socks and boots that are perfect for nature hikes, camping and any outdoor activity — and for the rest of us, they're perfect to throw on for a bodega run or walk through Central Park. Additionally, Loewe will donate 15 euros to environmental causes for every product sold.

"It has a timeless aura and a feeling for nature that is very important right now as an invitation to free our minds with new adventures," Anderson said of the collection. In a period where respecting the environment and making do with what you have is more important than ever, his point rings true.

Eye/LOEWE/Nature's Fall 2020 collection is out in select stores and Loewe's website on October 29.

Photos courtesy of Loewe

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