Extra Extra! More With Matt Bomer from our Beautiful People Issue

Though Matt Bomer shines in front of cameras on USA's White Collar, in which he plays an ex-con recruited by the FBI to solve crimes, he's got a likely future on the stage. Here's an extra photo of Bomer from our 2010 Beautiful People issue and some additional quotes from his interview with Matthew Schneier. Read on to find out what Bomer thinks of surly New Yorkers, his hopes to do more theater and the possible new CW series he might have in the works.  

On Manhattan being all a bit much: "I lived in Midtown back [in the early aughts], and I'd never do that again. It's byzantine... you walk outside, and I hear the Rolling Stones song, 'Here Comes Your 19th Nervous Breakdown.' It's hard to be Zen there. [On the other hand,] it's too Zen in L.A. I feel completely blessed to have the best of both worlds. There are things I love and appreciate in New York -- the culture, the metropolitan aspect, taking public transportation. The museums, the theater. And New Yorkers. There's nothing I love more than a really indignant New Yorker walking through our shot who says 'I don't care what you fuckers are doing, I'm going to my building!' They're so righteous about it."

Chekhov please: "I would really love to do Orpheus Descending, the [Tennessee] Williams play. I'd love to do some Chekhov. And depending on the project, I wouldn't mind singing either. The first job I got out of school was -- before I graduated, actually -- was the first workshop of Spring Awakening."
On creating a new CW series?: "I've sold this pilot I've been working on to the CW. I just turned in the final draft and they're deciding if they're going to shoot it or not in the next few weeks. It's the first thing that I've sold. I won't act in it. It's not a vanity piece, it's never something where I thought let me write something for me."

Photo by Dan Monick

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