Extra Extra! More With Glee's Dianna Agron and Mark Salling

Elizabeth Thompson

As promised, we've got some extra photos and content from our Beautiful People issue that we'll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. First up, more with Glee's Dianna Agron and Mark Salling. Read on to find out what's actually in those grape slushies and what Agron, who's Jewish, thought about that about that "Jewish baby disease" line. (Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you haven't seen season 1!)


On Quinn asking Rachel to take her to get the "Jewish baby disease" test:
"It's so funny, because I'm Jewish. There's a line in the show along the lines of  'Will the baby be Jewish?' and Quinn makes this face of disgust. You're playing the opposite yourself in many ways." 

On what the future holds for Quinn:
"I think she's always going to be testing the people around her. I don't think she'll ever let Puck off easy and I also don't know if Finn will ever be enough for her. She's kind of in over her head. There's some funny stuff coming up between she and Puck."

On Quinn's collection of cute sun dresses:

"I wear a lot of dresses from Anthropology or vintage dresses, which Quinn does as well. There's a slight difference to them, but not huge, and sometimes I'll show up to work and the dresses that I'm trying on are actually things that I have in my closet. There would be moments before the baby bump became apart of my costume, that the set PAs wouldn't know if I was dressed or not for the scene. They would have to ask 'Is this you, or Quinn?'"

On 'sniper' paparazzo:
"In L.A., you almost never see them. Sometimes it will be bought to my attention by someone on my team or one of my friends will email me and say 'Isn't this picture of you funny?' But it's strangest when you don't see them...They'll get pictures of you're laughing and it looks like you're smiling at them. That's the strangest part. Guerrilla-sniper paparazzi."


On having Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" as Puck's first solo on the show:
"I wasn't as stoked as my mom was. That's her favorite artist. I used to buy her a Neil Diamond cassette tape every Christmas."

On being 27 and playing a teenager
"I think the show a little tongue-in-cheek about the fact that we're teenagers. We're not teenagers, and we don't look like it either. But we're also dealing with really adult situations. I think the fact that we're in high school is almost an after thought."

On whether they're actually getting grape slushie dumped on them:
"It's actually botox, so that we keep our youthful glow. Actually, we go back and forth between real slushies and this synthetic mixture."

On Puck's talent being his saving grace
"Everyone in the school is trying to get out of a small town situation, and he knows the only way he's going to do that is with his talent, not his brains. If he graduates at all. "

Photos by Dan Monick

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