Extra Extra! More With Adam Lambert from our Beautiful People Issue

Elizabeth Thompson

Here's an outtake shot and some extra quotes from Jonathan Durbin's interview with Adam Lambert in PAPER's Beautiful People issue. Read on for Lambert's description of meeting Madonna, his possible future in movie musicals, and his urge to become a business man.

On becoming a member of the 'celebrity treehouse:'
I was fascinated with Madonna, so meeting her was pretty wild. In general, all of a sudden it's like I'm part of this exclusive treehouse. Celebrity culture is really interesting. All of a sudden I
have people coming up to me saying, "Hey! I like your work!"--and they're people whose work I admire. Just to be considered a peer in this industry is quite surreal."

On starring in a movie musical?
I would love the opportunity to cross over into film or television. I think that would be really exciting, especially with movie musicals being so popular right now.

On becoming a business man:
I like to think of myself as someone who does want to understand the business side...It's an interesting challenge to put on different hats...Sometimes, it's like I do want to think about things commercially and how things are marketed because ultimately that creates longevity for an artist. That's something I want.

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