Every Time SZA Looked Amazing In The Bonkers Video For Maroon 5's "What Lovers Do"

Every Time SZA Looked Amazing In The Bonkers Video For Maroon 5's "What Lovers Do"

Earth angel SZA earned undying fan love and much critical acclaim this year with her brilliant, sensitive album CTRL, but scoring 9's on Pitchfork stars doesn't improve your credit score, so now it's time for America's sweetheart to get very very paid. So, she teamed up with Seacrest-pop juggernauts Maroon 5 on a deeply Maroon 5 song, "What Lovers Do." Yes, you will definitely hear this song blasting out of Abercrombie & Fitches the world over in the months to come, but no shade – when SZA is thriving, we're thriving.

Well, the music video for this unlikely pairing arrived today, and it's pretty much a seven-layer dip of pure CGI insanity. In the video, Adam Levine chases SZA through all sorts of fantasy landscapes, squirrels lip sync, there's kids wearing bad wigs, there's a triceratops... it's A Lot™. You'll really have to see it for yourself to truly understand all the levels of huh?, but if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, we've compiled every instance of SZA looking amazing for your viewing pleasure.

Here she is running across an Arctic lake...

... riding a jet ski with dolphins

Look at her go!

And now she's surfing in heels...

She's a beautiful faraway mermaid...

She's a beautiful close up mermaid!

Now she's driving a boat in a cute silver swimsuit!

Now she's in Vegas, wearing a cool glove...

Now she's being held by giant Adam Levine!

And in conclusion, sexy nurse!

Still want more? Take this crazy ride yourself below...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=213&v=5Wiio4KoGe8 expand=1]

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