It looks like Michel Gondry / Charlie Kaufman's perfect 2004 meditation on love, heartbreak and memory, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, will be fed through Hollywood's idea recycling machine to reemerge as a television show somewhere in the not-so-distant future. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Anonymous Content, the production company that gave us Mr. Robot, True Detective, and the original film are in the early phases of adaptation with neither Kaufman, nor the film's original producer attached. On the one hand, Fargo is a great example of a beloved, highly stylized, seemingly impossible-to-adapt film that has been converted into an incredible TV show, but on the other hand, season 2 of True Detective. Other remakes making their way to a shared Hulu plus account near you? Dynasty, Magnum P.I., The Lost Boys, Varsity Blues, The Departed, Let The Right One In and L.A. Law. Everything not that old is sort of new again!

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