Erika Jayne, the Beverly Hills Housewives star turned glamorous pop queen, is really out here giving full shows, not that this is news, by this point.

But Jayne, who has been on her Pretty Mess Tour, did sing on The View today, wearing a sparkling leotard situation that we could just as easily picture on Britney Spears during her Piece of Me residency. Stay-at-home moms who tune in loyally probably didn't know what was coming, but Jayne, flanked by sexy male dancers in fitted caps, tossed her lustrous blonde mane to and fro, and the gays are quaking and studying her routines.

To top it all off, the performance was apparently specially requested by Meghan McCain, whose birthday it is today. (McCain knew all the words).

And did. Erika. Jayne. Appear!

Photo via Getty

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