Photo by Neil Rasmus/

Find out what Eric Ripert, legendary chef at Le Bernardin, has on his holiday wish list this year.

1. Scotch -- I enjoy a scotch at the end of the day. A 23-year Pappy or Blue Label usually do the trick!

2. Bordeaux -- I will drink Bordeaux with anything! A '71 Petrus would be nice....

3. Dark Chocolate -- Good dark chocolate. I eat several pieces every day

4. Cookbooks -- I collect cookbooks. I have hundreds in my own personal collection and then hundreds more in our library at Le Bernardin. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting ones.

5. Cashmere -- The thinnest most delicate cashmere can feel as warm as a heavy wool sweater. Really good quality cashmere can last a lifetime.

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