Last week's Republican National Convention was distinctly absurd and surreal. Donald Trump and his merry band of crackpots continued their efforts to lower the morale of their constituency with doom-and-gloom rhetoric. Their bizarre, unhinged speeches made great comedic fodder for Eric André, whose brand of anti-humor is a near-perfect foil to the RNC madness. André visited the Colbert show last night to talk about his trip to Cleveland.

"I jammed out with Alex Jones from InfoWars. He's on a war against info," André told Colbert. "That was an open carry state, Ohio, everybody had guns and knives. I was like, 'Oh, I'm gonna die! This is where my life ends.'"

By contrast, he said the Democratic National Convention was a lot more mellow: "They smoke a little more weed at the Bernie rallies than at the Hell's Angels for Trump rallies."

Watch the entire clip below, and check out Andre's dispatch from the RNC.

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