"Enigmatic, Disturbing" White Material On Criterion DVD

Out this week on Blu-ray and DVD is Claire Denis' enigmatic, disturbing and stunning new film, White Material, starring the extraordinary Isabelle Huppert as a fearless, foolhardy, coffee plantation owner in war-torn Africa. While roving gangs of child "patriots" pillage and threaten with spears and machetes, and gun-toting soldiers roam searching for them, Huppert's character chooses to ignore the danger around her -- rounding up workers, while people keep warning her that it isn't safe and she must leave. Her husband (Christopher Lambert) is secretly giving over the plantation for safe passage out of the country and her son Manuel (Nicholas Duvauchelle) has shaved his head and has joined up with the rebels. It's a visually arresting, strange, character study of a woman who just assumes that she is immune to the racial chaos around her, only to be proven very wrong.  

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