Engrossing I Want What I Want On DVD

Out this week on DVD is the rare sex change film I Want What I Want (Scorpion Releasing). This strange 1972 film starred Anne Heywood (The Fox) and was directed by Tony-winning theater director John Dexter (Equus, M Butterfly). Anne Heywood plays Roy, a closet cross-dresser, living with her brutish Army major father (Harry Andrews) in London. One night the major catches his son in drag and slaps him around. "Are you a homosexual?" his horrified father asks. "No," Roy wearily replies with lipstick smeared on the staircase, "God made man in his own image -- and he blew it!". Roy leaves home, lets his hair grow out and moves into a rooming house as "Wendy" enjoying his new feminine identity and consults a doctor about the "change." The film has a dour solemnity that lacks the camp value of The Christine Jorgensen Story but makes up for it with a bizarre ending that will unhinge your jaw. And I'm proud to say I did the liner notes on this DVD.

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