In collaboration with Draw the Line, a campaign through the Center For Reproductive Rights, actresses like Elizabeth Banks, Retta, Bellamy Young, Mary McCormack, and Dasha Polanco recount true stories of women who chose to have abortions.

The project is meant to raise awareness for the Supreme Court case Whole Women's Health vs. Cole, that will be heard on March 2nd; the case will determine whether or not the state of Texas can dictate restrictions on abortion care providers.

The complex, sometimes traumatic, reasons within these real-life situations provide an emotional backdrop for why a woman's right to choose is so vital.

Banks tells 'Rebecca's' story about a woman who made the choice to free herself from an abusive relationship:

In Retta's video, she discusses 'Rosario's' ectopic pregnancy that threatened her life.

See all the videos for DRAW here.

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