El Guincho's "Bombay" Is Our Music Video of the Day

Gary Pini

El Guincho's "Bombay,' directed by Marc Gómez del Moral, could take the world's record for the most surreal images crammed into a music video. Here's what to watch for: self-toe sucking, people making out with statues, a roller skating ghoul, stuffing a garden hose into tighty whiteys, handwriting on an inner thigh, shooting a stuffed panda with a handgun, flaming rocks, plushies at a movie theater and...well, you get the idea. Oh, and this is definitely, definitely NSFW. El Guincho (nee Pablo Diaz-Reixa) is in NYC this week via Spain for several shows (September 30 at Zebulon, 258 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg and tomorrow at Cameo, 93 North 6th Street), so ask him to explain this "journey through the cosmos." 

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