Eight Items or Less: The New Scissor Sister, Less Oral Sex (or Should it Be Fewer?) and Virgin Airlines Takes out the Trash

Here's an Eight Items or Less from our special correspondent Gary Pini, who 944 magazine referred to as the "All knowing wise man of the wild world."

1. According to one of our readers "8 items or less" is grammatically incorrect. It should say: "or fewer.” That's right, but we aren't changing it. All those supermarkets can't be wrong.

2. This week's health tips: Drink more tea and have less oral sex. Apparently tea drinkers have a 20 to 30 percent lower risk of skin cancer and people who have more than five oral sex partners are 250 percent likely to have throat cancer.

3. A building so nice they're building it twice. Observant readers of skyscrapercity.com note the striking similarity ("rip-off") between a building proposed for downtown Miami by architect Chad Oppenheim and the already under construction headquarters of China Central Television by Rem Koolhaas.

4. Culture Check: customized Blackberry tag lines. Recently received emails that ended with: "Not sent via Blackberry because I don't have one" and "Sent via Blackberry because I have no life."

5. Not another one! If you thought Mika was just Scissor Sister 2.0 then here's number three: Calvin Harris. This one's from Scotland and is down with Kylie Minogue.

6. Virgin Airlines is collecting the garbage. Their new street-poster campaign here in New York City is a giant red bag stuck to construction site walls and they are filling up fast. Question: Who's going to empty them?

7. Canadian singer/songwriter (and former Peaches roommate) Leslie Feist has a hit album. After weeks of major buzz and Internet downloads, the singer 's new LP goes into the Billboard Top Albums chart at #16 (31,000 copies). While The Reminder has received almost universal critical acclaim, we were puzzled by yesterday's USA Today extreme slap-down that described the work as "elevator music for hipsters" and "radio resistant."

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