Eight Items or Less: Snoop's Singing for Haiti, Pete Doherty's Dodging Bagels

Gary Pini
1. Jack Johnson is recording his next album using only solar power. (via KROQ)

2.  There's a "We Are the World Part Two: Haiti Edition." Since none of the original artists were invited to participate, we wondered who was?  Brian Wilson, Tony Bennett, Snoop Dogg 
and Justin Bieber were among the chosen few. [Guardian]

3. Take a virtual tour of The Museum of Foreign Groceries.

4. The Loom (100 Thames Street, Bushwick) is having a huge party on Saturday, February 6, to launch a month long "art, music and fashion" exhibit and yes, there will be bands, DJs and free beer.  It's only five bucks and all the details are here.

5. Pete Doherty showed up 90 minutes late for a Babyshambles concert in Moscow and the audience "booed and chucked bagels." (via Metro UK)

6. On March 21 and 22, arts World Financial Center is hosting free screenings of William Kentridge and Phillip Miller's "Sounds from the Black Box" at 8 p.m. in the center's Winter Garden.

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