Eight Items or Less: R.I.P. MTV Logo & Lil Wayne's Rebirth Stinks, Is a Hit

Gary Pini

1. Time for a logo change: Condé Nast just dropped the word "Publications" from theirs and yesterday, MTV dropped "Music Television."

2. Do we need a "luxury" energy drink? Tonino Lamborghini is launching one in Miami this week because that city is "known for sexy opulence and decadence." It will be available in "clubs, hotels and gas stations."

3. Lots of luxury was unveiled yesterday at the opening of Hermès Man (690 Madison Avenue). They've even got a limited edition, custom-made baseball glove and ball for $9750.

4. Despite almost unanimously bad reviews, Lil Wayne's "rock" album Rebirth managed to enter the Top 200 chart at #2. His sentencing on gun possession charges was delayed yesterday due to "dental surgery."

5. Check out the new FriendsWithYou website.

6. Lots more Winter Music Conference action announced this week including an Ed Banger party at Cameo on Wednesday, March 24, with Busy P, DJ Mehdi, Annie Mac, Sirkin, Brodinski and Feadz.

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