Eight Items Or Less: "Project Runaway" & MGMT Can't Beat Uggs-Hater Bieber

Gary Pini

1. Brooklyn's 3rd Ward (195 Morgan Avenue) is launching the Dutch art collective Antistrot's  performance art mash-up "Project Runaway" on Friday, April 23, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The show is up until May 9 and the opening includes free admission, free Colt 45 and music by DJ Tanner. RSVP to gallery@3rdward.com.

2. Michael Jackson impersonator charged with child molestation.

3. Miami hotels are still in deep financial doo-doo. The Miami Herald reports that The Sagamore is about to join the Gansevoort and Shore Club in foreclosure-related lawsuits.

4. The history of electronic music in India.

5. MGMT's new album didn't fair as poorly as many expected. Their sophomore album Congratulations went straight onto the top album chart at #2. Uggs-hater Justin Bieber stays at number one.

6. A woman was turned away from Disneyland, Paris, because she was dressed like a princess.  Security guards made her change clothes because her outfit might "confuse children." (via Telegraph, UK)

7. Have an iPad? Unclear about what the future holds for you? Then you're the perfect candidate for the ELLE Astrology App for the iPad.

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