Eight Items or Less: Nightlife Olympics and Snackbots

Elizabeth Thompson

1.  Public Assembly is sick of Vancouver hogging all the attention and is going for the gold with its own Nightlife Olympics. Events include Hipsterwrecktomy, a hipster dance-off, reggae and dancehall vs. jungle and dubstep competitions, psychobilly punk battles, and burlesque "freestyling."

2. Scientists at Carnegie Melon University have created robots capable of cooking and serving food. One is named "Snackbot." The world is now a better place. [NYT]

3. Can't stop thinking about that stranger (or cat) you met on Chatroulette? Check out Chatroulette missed connections.

4. Though prison inmates are prohibited from bringing valuables into jail, soon-to-be-incarcerated Lil' Wayne can keep his $150,000 grill. [Slate]

5. Tonight, Williamsburg's Secret Project Robot is hosting "Super Short Video," an exhibition of five-second videos dedicated to brief exchanges with strangers in New York City.

6. NBC announced today that Zach Galifianakis will be hosting Saturday Night Live March 6th with musical guest Vampire Weekend. Double sigh!

7. M.I.A. hinted at a possible June 2010 album on Twitter.

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