Eight Items or Less: Martin Scorsese's George Harrison Doc + Taki 183 at the Hole

1. Raul De Nieves and Jessie Stead's video installation Candy Rain opens at Williamsburg's Secret Robot Project gallery tomorrow night.

2. HBO has acquired the North American TV rights to Martin Scorsese's new documentary on George Harrison's life. George is our favorite Beatle because he had this weird, wolfy hotness to him when he was young and because of the "Arthur" scene in A Hard Days Night. George Harrison: Living in the Material World airs in two parts on October 5th and 6th.

3. Chelsea's David Zwirner Gallery is opening a summer pop-up bookstore for the second year in a row. From July 25th to August 5th, the gallery will sell rare and out-of-print books, signed artist catalogs and monographs, DVDs, posters and more. Additional details are on the DZG site.

5. Press-shy graffiti artist Taki183 will appear at the Hole next Thursday, July 21st, for Roger Gastman's and Caleb Neelon's book signing of their new street art tome, The History of American Graffiti

6. An up-close look at Andrew Garfield's Spidey suit in the upcoming Amazing Spiderman. [The Daily What]

7. Birthday dog had another birthday (that maybe happened  5 months ago)! What a bro. [Buzzfeed]

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