Eight Items or Less: Kate Nash's New "Doo Wah" Ditty & Yeasayer in Uganda

Elizabeth Thompson

1. Yeasayer plans to go to Uganda with non-profit Invisible Children to perform acoustic concerts, and the trip will be captured by French video site La Blogotheque. The organization, however, needs to raise about $15,000 first. Donations for the trip are being accepted at Kickstarter.com. You have nine days to help them meet their goal!

2. 5,200 naked people showed up at the Sydney Opera House today in Sydney, Australia to pose for photographer Spencer Tunick. The photograph, titled Mardi Gras: The Base, was commissioned by Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival. [Times of London]

3. Listen to British songstress Kate Nash's new super-retro single "Doo Wah Doo." [SPIN]

4. Illustrator Nick Tassone has created a neat collection of minimalist posters for some of Steven King's greatest hits. The posters are apparently part of a school final, but he promises screen prints soon.

5. Pauly D, the Situation, and Ronnie from Jersey Shore filmed a parody of The Hurt Locker for Lopez Tonight. Worry not, the boys are likely all very experienced in handling grenades. [TBS]

6. The Lourve has a denture-like apparatus in its collection from 500 B.C. [Neatorama]

7. Lil' Wayne heads to prison tomorrow. To prepare for his impending incarceration, he's recorded seven music videos. [MTV]

8. UK group Florence and the Machine copped to using an unsanctioned sample of Gang Gang Dance's "House Jam" in their song "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" and have agreed to pay royalties. Meanwhile, though Florence and the Machine's April 9th show at Terminal 5 is sold out, they recently announced they'll be playing (Le) Poisson Rouge on April 8th. Tickets go on sale Wednesday at 9 a.m. [Brooklyn Vegan]

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