Eight Items or Less: Competitive Facial Hair Growing Comes to TV + The Allure of Terminal 5 Explained

Gary Pini

1. We're not sure if this tops Showtimes' controversial new reality show, Gigolos, but Whisker Wars -- documenting the "world of competitive facial hair growing" -- is coming to IFC in August. [EW]

2. Today's sculpture-of-the-day is another Michael Jackson piece by LA artist Maria Von Kohler depicting MJ dangling baby Prince Michael II from a Berlin hotel window. We miss you, Michael. [DailyMail]

3. Add strawberries to your list of super-foods. [WSJ]

4. Audiences may hate NYC music venue Terminal 5, but why do bands like it? Dawn Barger, manager of The National, tells NPR: "Bands make a higher percentage of the earnings in that one room than in any other room in New York."  [The Record]

5. Ten thousand shipping containers are lost at sea each year. Btw, check out Donovan Hohn's fantastic eco/travel book Moby-Duck and learn more about "28,800 bath toys lost at sea" when a container fell into the Pacific in 1992.  It's already on our short-list for non-fiction book of the year. [Singularity Hub, NPR]

6. Take a look at the "fashion freakouts" at Miami's Ultra Music Festival 2011. [Miami New Times]

7. Williamsburg Asian BBQ mecca Fatty Cue has been temporarily shuttered by the DOH afer racking up a whopping 115 violation points. Citations include evidence of rats, evidence of mice and "insufficient soap and handwashing stations." Oh dear. Earlier this week they were awarded "Best New Brooklyn Restaurant" by Time Out New York. [EaterNY]

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