Eight Items Or Less: Big Business in Chelsea & The Aussie BBQ in Brooklyn

Elizabeth Thompson

1. Didn't snag a ticket to the Little Dragon/VV Brown show at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight? Fret not, Brown will be back April 28th when she headlines Bowery Ballroom.

2. The Black Lips' Jared Swilley has sort of apologized for referring to Nathan Williams of WAAVVES as a "faggot" in a September interview with Buddyhead. [Vice via Brooklyn Vegan]

3. Aussies! The Bell House goes down under tonight for The Aussie BBQ, featuring Australian bands, beer, and food.

4. Got a Brooklyn Library card? Then you've got access to a ton of discounts around the borough. (Free soda!) [Brokelyn]

5. Here's video of Bill Murray pouring shots of tequila for everyone in an Austin bar during SXSW. You know that guy is the best time. [BuzzFeed]

6. Man, how good was the '80s comedy Big Business starring Bette Midler and Lilly Tomlin as two set of twins, separated at birth. One set are icy, shoulder-padded New Yorkers, the others are a country bumpkins. Hilarity obviously ensues when they end up meeting! It's showing tonight at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas.

7. Here's some neat "crane" and "wrecking ball" lamps. Buy one and make little construction site noises when you turn it on. [Designboom]

8. Here's a 1966 video of John Lennon and Bob Dylan looking very cute and very stoned as they chat in a taxi. [PopMatters]

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