Eight Items or Less: Beyonce in the Front Row & Mr. Brainwash in New York

Gary Pini

1. Want Beyonce in the front row of your fashion show next week?  That'll be $80,000, thank you. (via Fashionista)

2. Or, your money might be better spent on a limited edition "fashion icon" T-shirt benefiting Medecins Sans Frontieres or a Shepard Fairey print benefiting Artists For Peace and Justice.

3. Mr. Brainwash is coming!  The filmmaker-turned-street artist is having his first New York solo exhibit, "Icons," opening next week on West 13th Street.

4. Neon Indian, Teengirl Fantasy, Beach Fossils, Adventure and Blissed Out are playing tonight, February 5, at Market Hotel (1142 Myrtle Avenue at Broadway, Bushwick).  Doors at 8 p.m.and tickets $10.

5. We hear that Miami nightlife maven Sebastian Puga has split with Rokbar (1906 Collins Avenue) and is now running Coco de Ville (3277 Collins Avenue), a Miami off-shoot of the West Hollywood "Hills" hang-out.

6. Nashville musician (and former New Yorker) Daniel J. Cartier is working on a new album called Redemption with members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Wallflowers etc.  He's looking for backers via Kickstarter, so help him out.

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