Eight Items or Less: A Crazy Purim Party & Fashion Week Accessories

Elizabeth Thompson

1. For all of you going through Fashion Week withdrawl, Elle.com has a nifty slideshow of Fall 2010 show's best accessories. There's velvet sunglasses from Alexander Wang, Swarovski crystals-studded driving gloves, and a enough fur to keep PETA's ears smoking for the next few months. [Elle]

2. Speaking of PETA, they've created a billboard promoting spaying and neutering with Tiger Woods' image on it. The slogan: "Too much sex can be a bad thing, especially for little tigers." [Neatorama]

3. Carly Simon has finally revealed who her take-down anthem "You're So Vain" is about. Though we always thought it was about Warren Beatty, Simon says she wrote the song with David Geffen in mind. Huh. [Sun]

4. Do you have an old sweater you just can't part with? A Boston woman and her son have started a company called ReKnit that, for $30, will take your favorite knitwear and re-purpose it into a hat, scarf, or gloves. [NPR]

5. ¿REAL BUSHWICK/BUSHWICK RÉAL? is a performance series that highlights the neighborhood's diverse arts scene. Tonight's the first show and features performances from Zs, Lucky Dragons, Nine 11 Thesaurus, Non Horse, Mega Calderos, DJ Shadatek, and Cool Places Sound System at the Silent Barn (915 Wyckoff Ave., 7 p.m. $7)

6. How adorable is this miniature fake food made by artist Kim Burke? [Oculoid]

7. Watch British politician Nigel Farage get all drunken JWOWW on European Council president Herman Van Rompuy. [Buzzfeed]

8. Saturday night, Third Ward and Heeb magazine are hosting a party for Purim called "Pour 'Em." Costumes and heavy drinking are required. [Third Ward]

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