Swedish company WESC is finally opening its long-awaited New York flagship store, designed by Steve Lewis and Chris Sheffield. WESC (aka We Are the Superlative Conspiracy) makes high-quality streetwear items: hoodies in great fabrics and colors, jeans that range from loose-fitting to skinny, leather goods, a line of sneakers in collaboration with adidas, T-shirts, shorts, swimsuits and a lot more. Each season, WESC introduces a theme that they incorporate into wacky marketing campaigns and use as inspiration for cool patterns on their clothing. This season, it's travel -- translated into a signature print with cruise ships and Eiffel Towers. The company also sponsors skaters, snowboarders and creative types, calling them Weactivists. Recent additions to the roster include PAPER favorite Steve Aoki. What's next on WESC's to-do list? According to company CEO and co-founder Greger Hagelin, "Street-horsing, which is starting to get very big here in the States. You show up in a big city and ride through it on a horse." That's a slightly frightening prospect in New York, but we love it anyway.

282 Lafayette St., (212) 925-WESC

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