Mysterious, shadow-drenched Toronto alt R&B act dvsn, we get yet another masterpiece, "TRY/EFFORTLESS."

The song is just that...both effortlessly and massive at once; a driving, heavy synth and chopped percussion (with blares from a goosebumps-inducing electro sax), from producer Nineteen85 (Paul Jefferies)...

...with the pristine vocalist Daniel Daley packing equal parts sincerity and menace in falsetto-hiked lines like "You make me feel some kind of way, babe."

It's like if Prince recorded underwater in a swimming pool that hadn't been opened or the summer yet.

dvsn, who is signed to Drake's OVO Sound, drives up the same elements that Nineteen85 threw in for the Drake songs he helmed, including 'Hotline Bling,' and 'Hold On,' while settling into a genre of their own.

Their phenomenal first LP, Sept. 5th, is out now.

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