Dumitrascu Staged Their Spring 2018 Show On a Parisian Subway Platform

Dumitrascu Staged Their Spring 2018 Show On a Parisian Subway Platform

As one of the newest brands on the fashion scene, Dumitrascu has turned heads for their impressive gender-neutral clothing and forward-thinking eye. So the fact that designer Andra Dumitrascu and co. decided to head to a Parisian metro underground station after their original venue cancelled is hardly surprising — they know just how to adapt to what's happening today. It ended up being an even more fitting venue than planned, a common place where the collection could shine among the actual streetwear of today — where the present meets the future.

As the station ran like normal, the models strutted their stuff, often in duos, down the platform line among commuters likely bewildered to see a runway strut as they're rushing to an appointment (little did they know, they were the front row of a Paris Fashion Week show). Loose and androgynous streetwear was on the menu, with pants flared at the seams, nylon capes, and slips over color-blocked sweaters, all in bold color palettes. The deflated balloon sneakers and black-and-white shiny cowboy boots were highlights that, alongside the long fringed skirts and tube tops, proved truly everyone could pull off the most niche items.

See all the mayhem and looks from the show below.

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Images via Dumitrascu

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