Dsquared2's New Underwear Campaign: Steven Klein Does Tom of Finland

by Max Kessler
Dsquared2 has a new campaign for its underwear, directed by Steven Klein, that basically looks like he took the Tom of Finland exhibition, added a dollop of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video (which he directed) and made a PG-13 version with professional models. Or does all the very clear, very ample male model bulge make it more of a Rated-R-level obscenity? Either way, there's nothing not to like here: very scantily clad hot dudes in barely-there underwear and light leather/BDSM gear undulating in black and white (and occasionally red). Oh, and when the guys aren't lightly engaging with their bondage gear, they're chewing on and sniffing skivvies. Yes it's gratuitous, but PAPERMAG likes to indulge. Check it out -- and try not to get too hot and bothered -- below.

[via Queerty]

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