Watch Drew Droege's Brief But Glorious Chloe Sevigny Moment In New Marc Jacobs Campaign Video

Marc Jacobs has been on fire in his campaign casting this year, but one of his greatest stand-outs is national treasure/comedy genius Drew Droege...

Orange Juice and Biscuits his iconic embodiment of Chloe Sevigny.

Marc Jacobs

M.J. has released a new 16 second campaign video featuring Droege.

Sitting aside Christina Ricci, Drew's Chloe, looking crisp and chic as ever, lists off a few things she's inspired by, starting off with her chillingly beautiful, "Good evening, America."

Chloe continues:

"I'm inspired mostly by bayonets, petals on the wind, cabinets, bonnets, textures, and shapes only found in Indiana."


God bless you, Drew.

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