Drew Barrymore Just Wants You To Be Yourself In Her New Crocs Ad
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Drew Barrymore Just Wants You To Be Yourself In Her New Crocs Ad

It's been a long, eventful week in the niche (but fascinating) world of bizarre celebrity endorsements. Britney Spears is the face of a new Kenzo campaign, Lindsay Lohan has partnered with lawyer.com, and now, Drew Barrymore is dancing her way to a fat, new Crocs check.

In a musical commercial for the shoes, a cheery Barrymore sings and dances about embracing your imperfections and getting "comfortable in your own shoes." She saunters from a piano to a red carpet to a garden to the beach wearing a navy skirt, white blouse, and can you guess what shoes?

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The brand's tagline is "Come As You Are," and throughout the ad, Barrymore directs the audience to simply be themselves, with Crocs' patron shoe of trying the least as their sartorial guide. "Stylishness is clearly not our priority," Crocs says (true), adding that, "When you're being you and you don't care what people think, you'll find happiness in good or bad weather."

The whole thing has a Taylor Swift "I'm flawed but also a very powerful person/corporation" vibe minus the moments of raw vulnerability that make Swift's music so compelling. Still, Barrymore's dedication here is admirable and addictive — plus, a musical is always fun. Watch the whole video, below:

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