If you're sitting at brunch last weekend listening to your friend's weekly retelling of incredible woes and setbacks, thinking "Man, how can their lives have so much drama," wonder no more. That overexcitable buddy's ability to summon constant furor may be just another personality trait, like being a perfectionist or a little bit neurotic. In a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, researcher Scott Frankowski and his colleagues discovered that you could measure whether a person was likely to be a drama-seeking personality who all evidence certain similar behaviors.

Drama-needing folks are more likely to be impulsive, particularly when it comes to sharing their every thought with the world as soon as it comes to them. Do your friends say you lack a filter? You might score high on the drama scale.

The study also notes that the drama-dependent have an external, as opposed to internal, "locus of control." Basically, this means they tend to think that their behavior isn't the source of the overexcitement in their lives. "High NFD individuals seem to see the world as happening to them," said Frankowski. In other words, it's never their fault, but the whole universe seems set against their leading a calm existence.

On the plus side, one of the things that's not a predictor of the Drama Trait though: gender. The study found that women and men are equally likely to score as highly dramatic personalities.

[h/t Mic]

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