Remember how that person (you) broke into Drake's house, slithered into one of his overpriced fleece hooded sweatshirts and helped themselves (yourself) to $10 dollars worth of beverages from Drake's presumably well-stocked fridge because breaking and entering is thirsty work? Of course you do. It was a whole ordeal.

Turns out Drizzy will not be pressing charges against the intruder, who reportedly drank Sprite, Pepsi and Fiji Water once inside his Hidden Hills mansion. The Toronto rapper, who was on the road at the time the incident took place, allegedly believes the woman to be mentally unwell and thus decided it would be cruel for her to face jail time.

At the end of the day, no one was hurt, nothing was taken and Drake gets to be the good guy. Consider this merely a blip on your criminal record and enjoy your freedom, pal.

[h/t XXL Mag]
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