It's hard to follow-up the impossibly deep pitcher of lemonade Beyonce stirred up this weekend, but if anyone is going to take the task head-on, it's Aubrey Drake Graham.

The singer released the album cover for Views From the 6, out April 29th, and it's unlike anything you expected.

Shot by Canadian photographer Caitlin Cronenberg (daughter of David Cronenberg), the dark photo encapsulates the brooding, ultimate semi-fuckboi essence of Drizzy--sitting atop his CN Tower throne, overlooking his Toronto dominion, and the world, but still not satisfied; almost like Drake is teasing "I'LL DO IT!" via text, to some nameless entity of desire.

Imagine Rihanna receiving this photo and rolling her eyes.

Regardless, it's a beautiful, poignant shot.

While the Internet, not surprisingly, went crazy for it, as with most things Drake is behind, the meme-able power behind it was undeniable.

Something to tide us over for the next 4 days.

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