Drag Queens Sing About Amanda Bynes to the Tune of "Blurred Lines"

by Max Kessler

DVW -- the trio of drag queens made up of RuPaul's Drag Race alums Detox and Willam along with Vicky Vox -- may be late to the "Blurred Lines" parody game, but they've found a way to really make it work: namely, by changing their parody lyrics to be allll about Amanda Bynes' breakdown. Yes, we know that they're a little late to the Amanda Bynes breakdown game as well, but this video really, really works. Yes, you'll find all the usual staples of a "Blurred Lines" parody video: the white background, the hot, barely dressed guys, and the silver balloons spelling things out. And, yes, you'll also find the requisite wigs, tweets and drug references found in any discussion of Amanda Bynes' current state ("So she smokes some weed? / You know you can't malign her / Saw how she tweets to Drake / to murder her vagina."). But there's also pretty great physical comedy (someone needs to make GIFs of every face Detox makes in this video), the lyrics are hilarious and, most importantly, the queens don't condemn Amanda. In fact, a lot of it seems to be just as mocking of the culture that facilitates these breakdowns -- the queens list Amanda's (great) predecessors and pepper the song with lines like "don't know what all the fucking fuss about" and "you just do you, boo." So watch above and Amanda, take comfort: you've got allies and they're fierce.

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