Dr. Luke finally broke his silence last night regarding the sexual abuse allegations leveled at him by pop star Kesha, after a judge ruled on Friday that she could not be released from her contract with his Sony Music-owned label.

Tweeting that Kesha had been "like my little sister,"Dr. Luke, aka Lukasz Gottwald, spends 22 tweets vehemently denying that he raped, drugged and abused Kesha a decade earlier -- instead positing the allegations as a ploy "motivated by money." An attitude that's, unfortunately, echoed within an official statement issued by his lawyers earlier, which calls the case "outright lies that have been advanced to extort a contract renegotiation and money".

However, his victory in the ongoing case (as the ruling on the second set of claims will be decided at a later date) apparently wasn't enough to keep him from forming his own defense in the court of public opinion via his Twitter.

Citing several news stories that reference old deposition from 2011 -- specifically testimony where Kesha says that Gottwald "did not date rape her" (because apparently intimidation, personal reckoning and psychological trauma couldn't possibly be factors there) -- he attempts to discredit her claims, alongside a series of tweets that paints the allegations as nothing more than a scheme cooked up by Kesha's lawyer Mark Geragos to get her our of a contract negotiation.

Why Gottwald, his lawyer or publicist would think tweeting about this story would be a good idea is unclear. Case in point: Gottwald does himself no favors by invoking the "I have a feminist mother, a daughter and sisters" defense -- which as one Twitter user put it, kind of screams:

Read the entire string of tweets below and see for yourself:

[Via BBC]

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