We're all familiar with messy bitch extraordinaire Joanne the Scammer, whose manipulative ruses and signature fur coat has landed herself among social media royalty this past year. However, most of us are completely unaware of the woman who's been scamming her way through department stores since before Joanne was even born.

86 year old legendary jewel thief Doris Payne was recently arrested for pocketing a nearly 2k necklace at a Von Maur Department Store in Atlanta, just a year after being accused of stealing a $690 pair of earrings from Saks. Despite recent investigations, this hasn't been Payne's first encounter with thievery. Authorities have stated that Payne has been swiping pricey trinkets for nearly six decades under numerous aliases.

In an interview with The Associated Press this last year Payne was asked about her past stunts, to which she simply responded "I was a thief."

Mic drop.

With over sixty years of scamming experience, it seems that Joanne could learn a thing or two from Ms. Payne. Perhaps a collaborative heist is in the works?

We'll protect our wallets in the meantime.

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