Don't Call Ryan Sheckler the Justin Bieber of Skateboarding and More from Oakley's Time Square Opening

Ethan Benjamin

PAPER partied last night at Oakley's Times Square store opening amid the buzz of 42nd St. and all the cute surfer and skater types who turned out. This included Ryan Sheckler, Oakley's golden-boy skate star, whom we grabbed at the shindig for a quick chat.

Oakley has been sponsoring you since you were 7 years old, which is so young! When did you first pick up a skateboard?

RS: I picked up a skateboard when I was 4 years old and it was just so fun to me. All I
did every single day was skate, skate, skate then I just started having way too much fun
and here I am today.

So, in that sense, you're like the Justin Bieber of skateboarding?

RS: Naw man!

Oh, sorry. So, did you just get into town? How's it been so far?

RS: So far it's been amazing. I did "The Jason Ellis Show" on Sirius right before this and
then came here to check out the Oakley's store. Oakley is a family to me and I'll never

You turned 21 this year, right? What did you do to celebrate?

RS: I blew it up this year. man. We went to Vegas for my actual birthday. Snoop Dogg came and played my party!

Woah. So what other projects do you have going on right now? Any new reality shows you want to tell us about?

RS: I'm working on my Plan B video, which will come out at the end of this year, and then I'm doing a lot of work with my charities. We're actually pitching a show right now but there's no drama, I promise you there's no drama in this one.

So does that mean you'd want to do reality TV again? Your show on MTV, Life of Ryan, was a big hit.

RS: I don't think I'd ever do a reality show like that. The only show I'll ever do again is if I'm giving back to the skate public.

You've been at this for a while! In what ways have you or, your style, changed?

I went through a really bad injury a year and a half ago. I was out for eight months and had that time to think about my life and think about my career and how much skateboarding is my life. I'm more motivated and more focused and just enjoying this blessing. I love being a skateboarder!

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